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Language in the ELP:
language(s) of presentation and process; plurilingualism

Relevance of topic

The choice of language(s) to be used in ELPs and language(s) to be used when working with the ELP is an important issue. If the ELP uses only the mother tongue (e.g., Czech), how can it be understood, e.g., at a German university to which the owner applies for admission? Would use of the languages taught in the given context solve the problem? However, if the Council of Europe’s policy with regard to minority and migrant languages were taken into account, the number of languages would increase enormously (in some member states there may be as many as 50 mother tongues in one school). As for the language used when working with the ELP, how could beginners and pre-intermediate learners thoroughly discuss their achievements in the target language? And if the target language cannot be used, does that mean a decrease of target language use in the classroom?


Working methods

Plenary presentation of the main issues, group discussion, individual reflection.


What we want to achieve

Fostering awareness of the problem, collecting and sharing ideas about effective language use when working with the ELP.

Language in the ELP: Language(s) of presentation and process; plurilingualism, Radka Perclová

Language in the ELP - handout

Language in the ELP: Language(s) of presentation and process; plurilingualism - Some notes on the PowerPoint presentation, Radka Perclová (English only)