A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education
Leitfaden für die Qualitätssicherung im Sprachunterricht
QualiTraining Guide


Quality principles and
basic concepts

Quality and people

Systems, processes and
instruments for QM

Assessment and evaluation
of quality

Case studies

Extra materials



QualiTraining Guide DE


Qualitätsprinzipien und
grundlegende Konzepte

Qualität und
der menschliche Faktor

Systeme, Prozesse und
Instrumente des QMs

Bewertung und Evaluierung
von Qualität


Extra Materialien


The Unit discusses aspects of evaluation and assessment of quality processes in education. Part one starts by differentiating between the two concepts. In most cases evaluation is concerned with the effectiveness and efficiency of educational processes, programmes and materials. Assessment usually measures the degree of achievement of individual learners or institutions and often relates its results to test norms and sets of criteria.

The understanding of the two concepts is further clarified by presenting basic types of evaluation and assessment and relating them to various educational contexts. Special attention is paid to the Common European Framework of Reference where proficiency assessment, i.e. assessment of students` linguistic and communicative competence in real life situations, is of paramount importance. Self-assessment is given a priority status in relation to the European Language Portfolio and its wider applications.

Assessment is also highlighted in the context of appraising staff performance (appraisal systems) in quality driven institutions.

Part two deals with types of evaluation procedures which guarantee quality. It concentrates on aspects of quality assurance and quality control and the ways these are implemented in language institutions across Europe. 

See also: Benchmarking and Validation

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QualiTraining – A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education


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QualiTraining-Leitfaden für die Qualitätssicherung im Sprachunterricht

Quality Management in
Language Education


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