A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education
Leitfaden für die Qualitätssicherung im Sprachunterricht
QualiTraining Guide


Quality principles and
basic concepts

Quality and people

Systems, processes and
instruments for QM

Assessment and evaluation
of quality

Case studies

Extra materials



QualiTraining Guide DE


Qualitätsprinzipien und
grundlegende Konzepte

Qualität und
der menschliche Faktor

Systeme, Prozesse und
Instrumente des QMs

Bewertung und Evaluierung
von Qualität


Extra Materialien


This project is intended as a follow-up to the ECML project “Quality Assurance and Self-assessment for Schools and Teachers”. There is a growing interest in national and regional contexts for standardisation in areas such as evaluation, approaches to quality control and management. The CD Rom on “Quality Management in Language Education” (outcome of the 1st MTP) provides useful resources for this, and an accompanying guide for trainers and multipliers, would ensure its effectiveness as an instrument for quality assurance.

The main project aims

  • To develop a training guide for quality assurance on the basis of the existing CD Rom on Quality Management
  • To train multipliers/trainers to set off a cascading process
  • To work towards consolidating a quality assurance culture in language education across Europe and beyond

The planned procedure

  • Expert meetings and cross-project links with other ECML-projects
  • A survey to collect feedback on the applicability of the CD Rom on Quality Management
  • Producing the “QualiTraining” Guide
  • Regional events for trainer training and a central event for dissemination and piloting
  • Updating the project web site

The main outcomes

  • The “QualiTraining Guide” for trainers and multipliers
  • Multiplier-training events
  • A network of trainers in the field of quality management in language education

EAQUALS – The European Association for Quality Language Service

With the support of:

  • QUEST Romania
  • OPTIMA Bulgaria
  • The International Learning and Research Centre, UK

Project team/Authors
Laura Muresan (Romania)
Frank Heyworth (Switzerland)
Galya Mateva (Bulgaria)
Mary Rose (United Kingdom)

The Project in Detail

Project Description

Project Events

QualiTraining – A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education

Projekt im Detail



QualiTraining-Leitfaden für die Qualitätssicherung im Sprachunterricht


Quality Management in
Language Education


ECML web site: www.ecml.at

Project web site: www.ecml.at/mtp2/QualiTraining

Coordinator: Laura.Muresan@Eaquals.org