A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education
Leitfaden für die Qualitätssicherung im Sprachunterricht
QualiTraining Guide


Quality principles and
basic concepts

Quality and people

Systems, processes and
instruments for QM

Assessment and evaluation
of quality

Case studies

Extra materials



QualiTraining Guide DE


Qualitätsprinzipien und
grundlegende Konzepte

Qualität und
der menschliche Faktor

Systeme, Prozesse und
Instrumente des QMs

Bewertung und Evaluierung
von Qualität


Extra Materialien


The unit explores the role of people in a quality culture and identifies some of the components of a quality culture.  The significance of how an institution makes a public commitment to quality is emphasised.  Readers are asked to consider the effect of different influences on their own institution’s culture.

In an organisation with a quality culture, leadership is a function rather than a role.  In this section of the unit the use of distributed leadership is highlighted.  Distributed leadership happens when leaders structure opportunities for leadership to be shared and when opportunities are provided for all staff to develop their leadership skills.

The impact of leadership on quality is examined and the importance of the concept of capacity building is explored.  Capacity building operates at individual and organisational level.  The individuals within an organisation will be fully engaged with the mission through their emotional and intellectual commitment.   This leads to holistic growth, development and transformation at organisational level.

The Guide encourages readers to consider the aspects of leadership, the leadership processes which promote quality and how they can be applied in their own contexts.

The final part of the unit examines an organisation’s self-learning – the connection between action research and innovation and the role of change in a quality culture.

Readers are asked to reflect on how their own institution responds to new thinking and offers a tool to help readers answer, How do we know we have a culture of quality?
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QualiTraining – A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education


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QualiTraining-Leitfaden für die Qualitätssicherung im Sprachunterricht


Quality Management in
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