A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education
Leitfaden für die Qualitätssicherung im Sprachunterricht
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Quality principles and
basic concepts

Quality and people

Systems, processes and
instruments for QM

Assessment and evaluation
of quality

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Qualitätsprinzipien und
grundlegende Konzepte

Qualität und
der menschliche Faktor

Systeme, Prozesse und
Instrumente des QMs

Bewertung und Evaluierung
von Qualität


Extra Materialien

Galya Mateva & Frank Heyworth

Benchmarking in a wider social context is a quality management tool. It is used when comparing one organisation with another on some aspect of performance. We search and analyse information on various aspects of performance in which another organisation excels with the aim of improving  our institution's performance and current practices.

The strategic approach to benchmarking looks at what is done by an organisation, whereas the operational benchmarking approach is interested in how success is achieved. The data-oriented  approach to benchmarking examines the comparison of data-based scores to performance indicators. 

To be effective, benchmarking must be applied in a systematic and structured way. It goes through a detailed data collection, processes and outcomes analysis, assessment procedures to  determine finally why certain performance is superior and how it can be matched and surpassed.

Do we use benchmarking in our daily life? What mechanisms do we use to continually improve our own appearance and performance? What would a plan of a benchmarking activity include in your context? Will you use the operational or strategic approach?

See also: Assessment and Evaluation
of Quality

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QualiTraining – A Training Guide for Quality Assurance in Language Education


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QualiTraining-Leitfaden für die Qualitätssicherung im Sprachunterricht


Quality Management in
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