Exploring attitudes towards languages and cultures

The activities that follow this itinerary are aimed to make language educators aware of their own attitudes towards languages, those who speak them and their cultures. In addition, the activities are expected to make teachers aware of diversity and to develop positive attitudes towards linguistic and cultural diversity or towards other kinds of diversity that may lead to exclusion, such as gender, ethnicity, or others.

Another aim is to reflect on the new roles and functions that the language teacher has as educator and on the influence that language educators may have on learners’ attitudes towards languages and also on students’ motivation and curiosity with regard to non-familiar languages.

Other activities are expected to raise awareness and to develop positive attitudes toward the promotion of plurilingualism and pluriculturalism by cooperating with teachers of other languages and other subjects.

Finally, these activities are expected to promote new projects related to raise students’ positive attitudes towards cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as towards other kinds of diversities that may be present in the class.

List of activities

Socialising by Religion (pdf)

"Home, Sweet Home" (pdf)

Thinking about motivation & Old and new models of language education (pdf)

Circles of my pluricultural self (pdf)

Awareness of women's roles in the professional field around a pluricultural context (pdf)

Raising Pluricultural Awareness (pdf)

Plurilinguisme et Pluriculturalisme sur Internet & Approche lexicologique et sémiotique (pdf)

Proverbs & Comparing proverbs in different languages and cultures (pdf)
(see materials) (xls)

'Walk in their shoes' - Raising awareness of being a 'foreigner' (pdf)

Linguistic diversity and biodiversity (pdf)

Observing and recognising linguistic diversity & Developing plurilingualism: Teaching materials for advanced students of foreign language teacher training colleges (pdf)

Les stéréotypes à travers des expressions imagées avec des noms de nationalités (pdf)

A la rencontre de la diversité linguistique et culturelle & Fêtes et Recettes (pdf)

Language Teachers' Manifesto (pdf)

Autour de la biographie linguistique et culturelle (pdf)

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