Learning about languages and cultures

In today’s multilingual and multicultural societies, knowing about and recognising the many languages and cultures they comprise is vital. This itinerary trains language teachers to see and accept linguistic and cultural diversity as a positive feature of any society, and use it in the classroom.

The activities proposed refer to a wide range of languages and intercultural situations. Some expose participants to unfamiliar languages, while others involve comparing languages, highlight links between language and culture, or focus on passing from one language to another, and the interface between cultures.

This itinerary combines with the others to help teachers bring plurality into their teaching practice, and use it to improve language learning and teaching – whatever the languages studied.

List of activities

Construire sa biographie linguistique et éducative & Comprendre et connaître une langue inconnue! (pdf)

Socialising by Religion (pdf)

"Home, Sweet Home" (pdf)

Numbers as symbols (pdf)

Plurilinguisme et Pluriculturalisme sur Internet & Approche lexicologique et sémiotique (pdf)

Le « détour » par des langues inconnues : un outil pour l' éducation plurilingue (pdf)

Observing and recognising linguistic diversity & Developing plurilingualism: Teaching materials for advanced students of foreign language teacher training colleges (pdf)

Les stéréotypes à travers des expressions imagées avec des noms de nationalités (pdf)

A la rencontre de la diversité linguistique et culturelle & Fêtes et Recettes (pdf)

Formules de politesse dans les conversations interculturelles (pdf)

Culture Awareness and the development of the pluricultural competence (pdf)

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