The LEA Questionnaire: In-service and pre-service language teachers' beliefs about plurilingualism and pluriculturalism in schools

Group work: Around the questionnaire (pdf)

Questionnaire LEA pour enseignants (pdf)

Questionnaire LEA pour futurs Enseignants (pdf)

LEA Trainees Questionnaire (pdf)

LEA Teachers Questionnaire (pdf)

Chestionarul profesorilor participanţi la proiectul LEA (pdf)

LEA kérdőív tanároknak (pdf)

Anketa mokytojams ir dėstytojams (pdf)

Factor analysis (pdf)

Report on the questionnaire (pdf)

Note: The LEA coordinating team would like to thank all the participants involved in the project who have made this publication possible, as well as the ECML staff for their ongoing support.