Dealing with intercultural and plurilingual communication

Globalization has created new communicative scenarios in which interlocutors do not, apparently, share their cultural referents and their linguistic knowledge. However, this very same social process has fostered the development and use of new skills concerning communication: intercultural and plurilingual skills. The LEA project has produced a number of teacher training activities to become familiar with these new skills, improve and strengthen their use and reflect on their value in the global scenarios.

List of activities

"Home, Sweet Home" (pdf)

The relationship between creativity and plurilingual and pluricultural awareness (pdf)

Numbers as symbols (pdf)

Proverbs & Comparing proverbs in different languages and cultures (pdf) (see materials) (xls)

Un voyage dans le monde (pdf)

Intercultural encounters - variations on the theme (pdf)

A la rencontre de la diversité linguistique et culturelle & Fêtes et Recettes (pdf)

Language Teachers' Manifesto (pdf)

Formules de politesse dans les conversations interculturelles (pdf)

Culture Awareness and the development of the pluricultural competence (pdf)

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