Exploring identity

Identity exploration is designed to help trainees to de/reconstruct what “being a language teacher” means today. In other words, it sets out to highlight their various affiliations (personal, professional, linguistic, cultural, social). It makes them think about their past experience, both personal and shared, with special reference to their relationships with themselves, other people, the things they will be teaching (the language/languages) and language-teaching practices.

The activities proposed are intended to make them think about their own lives so far, and make them aware of their representations, attitudes and skills, on a path they must rediscover for themselves, but which can lead to new developments. In short, they are required to de/reconstruct the (language teacher’s) didactic repertoire in a context which allows them to adopt a critical, reflexive stance on the training process, and helps them to project themselves into new language-teaching roles and functions.

List of activities

Construire sa biographie linguistique et éducative & Comprendre et connaître une langue inconnue! (pdf)

"Home, Sweet Home" (pdf)

Thinking about motivation & Old and new models of language education (pdf)

Circles of my pluricultural self (pdf)

Awareness of women's roles in the professional field around a pluricultural context (pdf)

The relationship between creativity and plurilingual and pluricultural awareness (pdf)

Numbers as symbols (pdf)

Plurilinguisme et Pluriculturalisme sur Internet & Approche lexicologique et sémiotique (pdf)

Me and the group (pdf)

'Walk in their shoes' - Raising awareness of being a 'foreigner' (pdf)

What's in a name? (pdf)

Language and culture - gender and jobs (pdf)

Language Teachers' Manifesto (pdf)

Autour de la biographie linguistique et culturelle (pdf)

Culture Awareness and the development of the pluricultural competence (pdf)

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