When organizing a school project think about the following:

  • Projectname
  • StatusQuo
  • Purpose
  • Goals
  • Results
  • Dates
  • Team
  • Kick-offevent
  • Main event


Who is affected by the project?
Draw a graph and add information whether the particular group
of people is in favour / against the project  (? ) 

Mind map

What are the objects / facts to consider? Draw a mind map by hand.


Personnel Resources: language competence, commitment, etc.

Financial Resources: Who is going to pay? What extra money is needed?

Temporal Resources: Time limits?

Analysis of Risks?

Personnel Risks

Didactical Risks

Financial Risks

Legal Risks

Management Risks

Task package PTM

 What?                                        What not?
 How much?                            


Name of the milestone
By whom, when and what

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