The following are examples of LAKES (end product, static)

  • Welcome signs
  • School books, guides for parents
  • Resources guide
  • School websites as parents" source of information = means of communication, + picture galleries
  • Exhibitions
  • Cultural evenings
  • Concerts
  • Plays
  • Multicultural events
  • Slide shows
  • Excursions with parents, children and teachers together
  • Genealogical trees
  • School newspapers
  • CD with phrases and words
  • Parents write handouts/letters
  • Class books/productions/blogs as a means of communication
  • Linguistic contacts (examinations)
  • Sponsorship

"A big lake can become an ocean"


The following are examples of RIVERS (processes, evolving, journey, flowing)

  • Good mutual understanding, team spirit
  • Showing pride in children"s progress
  • Grandparents" meetings
  • Parents help to develop partnerships
    • Offering students posts for work experience
    • Involving other institutions in school life
    • Professional contacts abroad
  • Adult educationLearning a target language on site
  • Pupil exchanges
  • Growing parental support in hosting exchange students
  • Projects -research
  • Growing monetary parental support - fund raising, sponsoring of projects, humanitarian aid
  • Linguistic skills of parents
  • Parents and students as interpreters
  • Parents support mother tongue of child
  • Parents in the classroom
  • Learning about customs, traditions, games

"All rivers flow into a big sea"

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