An example of a whole school language policy in a French primary school
ENSEMBLE workshop

ECML, Graz, 14-17 December 2005

Parental Involvement in Schools - Group work

Andrea YOUNG
IUFM d"Alsace
Groupe d"Etudes sur le Plurilinguisme Européen, Laboratoire LILPA (EA1339), Université Marc Bloch, Strasbourg, France


  1. Note down as many examples of lakes (products) and  rivers (processes) which you already use in your school(s) in the spaces below:



  1. Can you think of any other examples of lakes and rivers which you are not presently using in your school(s)? Please write them below:



As a group, share and discuss these products and processes and how you might introduce them into your school.

Developing a Whole-School Language Policy
Preparing a School Language Profile
Strategies for school development
A Road Map for In-House Staff Development
Road map amplified
A mind map for material development
Mind Map amplified
Plurilingual and Pluricultural Education: From Theory To Practice
Lakes and rivers amplified
A summary of practices