The exchange day between the Slovene grammar school II. gimnazija and the Austrian non-selective secondary school Sprachenhauptschule Birkfeld

Tanja Polajnar (Slovenia), Wolfgang Pojer (Austria)


II. gimnazija Maribor (Slovene grammar school)
3 teachers from Slovenia (English, German teacher)
32 pupils

Sprachenhauptschule Birkfeld (non-selective secondary school)
2 teachers (principal, English teacher)
25 pupils


On the 8 May 2006 pupils from the Slovene grammar school II. gimnazija Maribor visited pupils from the non-selective secondary school Sprachenhauptschule Birkfeld. A return visit is planned for October 2006.


The aim of the project was to find out how young people of similar age live in the two countries (Slovenia - Austria) in different environments (town (Slovenes) - village (Austrians)). Pupils from both countries conducted interviews with each other, trying to determine the level of information about Slovenia/Austria the pupils from other country had, their lifestyle and future plans.


  • Conducting interviews in small groups of four or five pupils.
  • Guiding a crash Slovene language course.
  • Having a presentation of the school and the region.


  • Slovene pupils did:
  • Video about the exchange day
  • Report
  • Seminar paper
  • Analysis of the interviews


  • teaching other pupils your language
  • presenting your country
  • conducting interviews
  • analysing interviews
  • writing a report, a seminar paper
  • making a video
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