The following document was provided by the Maltese Team:

Introduction of our team

pupils of Year 5A (2005-2006)

Hello! This is a picture of the pupils of Year 5A (2005-2006) at John A. Cilia, Mgarr Primary School, Malta. We are currently working on this year's edition of our class magazine.  We would like to participate in the project with other European schools.  This activity involves the collection and exchange of information regarding our respective countries, and therefore the articles in our magazine this year will relate mainly to three topics, namely:

  1. Tourist Information and National Monuments,
  2. Local Culture and Traditions, and
  3. Gastronomy, Environment and Nature.

We shall be forwarding our work to you in due course, and thank you for any articles you may wish to send us in connection with the project, which we shall certainly find very interesting. Good work!

Nicholas Abela
Daniel Bugeja
Gary Cauchi
Daniel Law
Stefan Vella
Christine Borg
Elaine Calleja
Melanie Calleja
Joanne Camilleri
Sachelle Camilleri
Rachel Galea
Corinne Gauci
Maria Mifsud
Amanda Muscat
Nicole Muscat
Nickolann Portelli
Yanica Said
Christabelle Tonna
Stephanie Vassallo
Jana Vella
Kimberly Vella
Class teacher:
Dr. Simone Micallef


These are some of the experiences of Maltese students who participated in the ENSEMBLE project, which invluded an exchange visit with Spanish students.

1. Visiting Spain

My visit in Spain was very pleasant and interesting. The welcoming was really wonderful. All the Spanish people and students were very friendly and after some time we immediately made friends with them. To communicate with Spanish people was a bit difficult as they don’t know English, but then we asked the Spanish students to translate for us, so after all this experience was quite fun.

I might say that the most thing that impressed me was the picturesque landscape. I was open-mouthed when I saw how much different it is from Malta. Spain, with those beautiful mountains and parks, forests and lots of trees. I guess that this holiday has taught me lots of things, example, the difference of environment, type of traditional food and most of all I learned how much important it is to know of different languages and it made me eager to learn more.

Jana Vella, 11 years old, Mgarr Primary School, Malta

2. ‘A Brilliant Holiday’

Hi! I’m Stephanie! I’m one of those students who went a week in Spain. It was not an excellent holiday but a brilliant one!! This year I celebrated my birthday there too. Spain is very different from Malta. The cultures, food, long trips. I likes most the welcoming of the students and teachers, and the extraordinary hostel! It was excellent! The Spanish students are very friendly and I’m glad with that. We made friends from the first day! Thanks for taking time to read this.

Stephanie Vassallo, 11 years old, Mgarr Primary School, Malta

3. My visit to Spain, in 2007

I enjoyed my visit to Spain from the flight Malta-Madrid to my last step in Spain.
I was impressed by the good welcome they gave us. The Spanish people are very friendly and helpful. The Spanish children are very lucky to have Luis and Anna as teachers as we do to have Ms Melanie and Mrs Morris. I liked the hostel in El Torno very much. The best was the nice view. Placencia is a very nice village and they are very lucky to live there. The excursions were very interesting. Spain, with its nice sights, friendly people, wonderful sights and rich history, makes it the best country, after Malta of course as I am Maltese!!!

Yanica Said. Age 11, Village: Mgarr in Malta

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