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2. Training sessions for a change of career

The following project by Tricia Jenkins at the University Of Liverpool in Great Britain aims to alleviate threshold fears, facilitate the beginning of studies and foster contacts between students.


* A group of people, who, after some time away from the education system, wish to take further training or finish training they began earlier
* Students who know the institution attended by the “returnee” well


Organise an intensive three day training event for “returnees”, covering such areas as university life, and include leisure activities.
To do this, the group is divided into a number of small teams, each of which is assigned a tutor made available from the current student body. Together with him/her, they carry out specific tasks (e.g. finding information) and report on them to the entire group.

On seminar days everyone takes part in cultural activities, and at the end, there is a meal attended by relatives, friends and people who have supported the students.

Menu suggestion:

Tutors must of course be well prepared. In this scenario, their incentive was not only the practical experience of a leadership role, but they were also paid for these activities.

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