Training Teacher Educators
  "Changing roles and responsibilities of language educators."





Coordination: Gabriela S. Matei

Matei, Gabriela S. / Bernaus, Mercedes / Heyworth, Frank / Pohl, Uwe / Wright, Tony, First steps in teacher training: A practical guide - “The TrainEd Kit”, , Strasbourg / Graz: Council of Europe / European Centre for Modern Languages, 2007, ISBN 978-92-871-6139-0, [book + CD-Rom].
Matei, Gabriela S. / Bernaus, Mercedes / Heyworth, Frank / Pohl, Uwe / Wright, Tony
, Guide pratique du formateur (Kit TrainEd), Strasbourg / Graz: Conseil de l'Europe / Centre européen pour les langues vivantes, 2007, ISBN 978-92-871-6138-3, [livre + CD-Rom].

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This book and CD-Rom have been produced as a practical guide for those who are beginners in the field of teacher education – though experienced teacher trainers may find it interesting and useful, too.

The book covers four main aspects of a teacher trainer's work:

  • the professional identity and the roles and tasks of the trainer;
  • preparing for training events (including analysis of training needs);
  • running training courses (with emphasis on facilitation and managing discussions);
  • assessment and evaluation of training.

The CD-Rom which accompanies the book is a very practical complement with over 60 worksheets which can be used as activities in training courses. In addition there are PowerPoint presentations which can be used and adapted by the teacher trainer, together with background articles and bibliographies.


  • Gabriela S. Matei
  • Mercedes Bernaus
  • Frank Heyworth
  • Uwe Pohl
  • Tony Wright