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  "Changing roles and responsibilities of language educators."


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June 2006: TrainED Expert meeting in Barcelona, Spain

The TrainEd team members met in Barcelona for a two-day expert meeting (9-10 June 2006).

Having completed our two central workshops and our six National Training Events, our main aims for this last meeting were to put the finishing touches on the Trainer Training guide (the TrainEd Kit), to agree on the structure of the CD-Rom that will accompany the guide, to discuss future ways of disseminating TrainEd work, and to evaluate our project and collaboration with the ECML.

The team will submit the final draft of the guide and the CD-Rom materials by September 18 for it to be published by the end of the year.

March 2006: TrainED Workshop in Graz, Austria

The TrainEd project team facilitated their 2nd central workshop at the ECML, in Graz, 28 February - 4 March 2006.

The workshop's main objective was to pilot the TrainEd trainer training guide with representatives of its target audience: teachers at the beginning of their training careers. It was attended by 26 participants from 24 of the ECML's member states.

The participants acted not only as trainees for the activities, but also as consultants for the TrainEd team, offering thoughtful feedback and suggestions for the final version of the training guide. During the first half of the workshop, we all 'journeyed' through the various sections of the kit, exploring teacher educators' professional identity and motivation, as well as what they do 'before training', 'while training' and 'after training'. During a large part of the second half of the workshop, participants worked in smaller groups to prepare - and facilitate! - their own training activities, in which they put into practice, in a very creative and imaginative way, the issues discussed previously during the workshop.

The workshop was preceded by a preparatory meeting on February 27, and followed by a CONTEXT presentation of the project, given on March 6 by Gabriela Matei, project coordinator, to an audience formed mainly of teacher educators and graduate students from tertiary education institutions in Graz. A full workshop report can be found under materials.

Participants of Workshop 1/2006
The workshop 1/2006 participants

April 2005: national training event in Poland

Within the framework of the TrainEd project the Polish National In-Service Training Centre and the ECML organised a teacher training session in Sulejówek, Poland. The national training event took place on 21-22 of April 2005. You can find the detailed mission report by Frank Heyworth under materials


        Frank Heyworth & Janina Zielinska                             In the classroom


  Krystyna Kowalczyk (standing left), the Polish   Adrian Butler (right), Director of the ECML, &
   Vice-Chair of the ECML Governing Board         the team in front of Sulejowék Training Centre

April 2005 (2): national training event in Riga
The first in the series of 6 National Training Events (NTEs) of the TrainEd project took place on April 15th and 16th, in Riga, the beautiful capital of Latvia. The aims of this event were: to disseminate the TrainEd project to Latvian teachers and teacher educators, to train multipliers, and to pilot the draft guide for trainers, compiled by the project team. Please, refer to Gabriela Matei's and Marta Zagare's full report under materials.

December 2004: Workshop 9/2004

During 7-11 December 2004 a 5-day TrainEd workshop was held at the ECML premises. A full workshop report can be found under materials.

The workshop 9/2004 participants.


January 2004: team meeting report

The first TrainEd team meeting, an ECML project on Training Teacher Educators, was held at the ECML on 23-24 of January 2004. All team members were present.

We all enjoyed meeting and working together at the ECML: from the point of view of team building, our project seems to have started under very good auspices. We also felt we achieved all our objectives at the end of the meeting, which included, among others: identifying the main theme, parts, sections and subsections of the Trainer Training Kit; discussing the content and format of the questionnaire through which the team will collect data about different European training contexts and needs in March 2004 (if you are interested in participating in the survey, check the project web site in March for more details).

We also familiarised ourselves with the ECML premises and facilities and were able to clarify various project issues with the help of the efficient and friendly ECML staff.

Mercedes Bernaus, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain; Frank Heyworth, EAQUALS, Fribourg, Switzerland; Uwe Pohl, Centre for English Teacher Training, Budapest, Hungary; Tony Wright, College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth, United Kingdom; and Gabriela S. Matei, EduPlus Consulting, Timisoara, Romania (project coordinator)