IV. Welcome to the Gulliver project CD-ROM

We encourage you to read this CD-ROM. Those who so wish may begin with the more theoretical chapters. Those who were already thinking of setting up an intercultural forum and working on it with their classes, and who are seeking advice, may read the practical chapters and the account of the actual experience of the Czech Gulliver class. You may also consult the list of Gulliver forum topics grouped in three thematic fields, YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW, and retrace the entire path which led to its finalisation.

There are, of course, also the pupils’ contributions! They serve as examples of what class work on a forum can be. However, you can also use them for your classroom teaching. These examples may perhaps encourage your pupils to attempt an intercultural forum experiment and travel through languages and cultures with young people in other countries, getting to know them and understand them better.

At this point we wish to thank all those who contributed most to producing the content of this CD-ROM: the Gulliver classes and their teachers. We hope that this CD-ROM, containing the class presentations and a selection of their contributions, will reward them in a small way for their huge effort.

We also believe that it would be useful for anyone wishing to work on an intercultural forum to set up a class “bank” (country, working language(s), pupils’ age and level of language proficiency judged by common standards).

We are convinced that such experiments and work done in common by young persons across frontiers will contribute to better mutual knowledge and understanding among youngsters of different languages and cultures, and will subsequently enable Europe’s future citizens to achieve cohesion in Europe.

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