Language Educator Awareness
   Developing plurilingual and pluricultural awareness in language
   teacher education


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September 2006: LEA Team meeting

The objective of this last meeting of the team was to prepare the final version of the booklet and CD-Rom for publication. The team agreed on the contents of the booklet and CD-Rom and worked on the final versions of both. Priority was given to keeping a balance between the two and to ensuring links between them, so that language teacher educators discovering the book will be encouraged to explore the contents of the CD-Rom as well.


January 2006: Network Meeting

A network meeting of the LEA project took place at the ECML on January 20th-21st..
The meeting's objectives were:

  • presentation and discussion of the new versions of the materials;
  • description, discussion and evaluation of the piloting process;
  • discussion about the organisation of the final version of the kit;
  • presentation and sharing of the project portfolios;
  • decision about the tasks to prepare the final publication;
  • evaluation of the project by the participants.

As this was the last network meeting, participants were asked to make an
overall evaluation of the project at the end of the second day. The results really
exceeded the expectations of the coordinating team, confirming the validity and
importance of the concepts and practices developed during the project.

The coordinating team would like to underline participants' appreciation of the
cooperative process followed during the project, and also to commend the participants
on the quality of their own contributions.


July 2005: Network Meeting

In January 2005, the LEA team organised a workshop at the ECML entitled "Language Educator Awareness: developing plurilingual and pluricultural awareness in language teacher education". This event led to the production of a number of proposals for activities dealing with different aspects of the subject. Subsequently, 23 participants became involved in the process of designing materials according to the guidelines provided during the workshop. These materials, together with the rationale and the report on the activities written by the LEA team, will be the core of the final product of this project.

See full report under materials.

January 2005: LEA Workshop 1/2005

A LEA workshop was held at the ECML, Graz premises during 26-29 of January 2005. The workshop report is now ready and can be found under Materials.

October 2004: Third LEA Team meeting in Granada

The third LEA team meeting was held on 18th-19th of October 2004 in Granada (Spain). The main purposes of the meeting were:

  • Reviewing the kit rationale
  • Reviewing the activities elaborated by the team
  • Designing the template for the activities, setting up guidelines and suggestions of content issues for building up new activities
  • Discussing and deciding on the final contents of the workshop kit
  • Discussing assessment issues for the kit
  • Deciding about how to activate the forum and to update the website
  • Reviewing and updating the agenda for the workshop to be held in January 2005
  • Fixing team members’ responsibilities for the workshop

LEA team members evaluate positively the goals achieved in that preparatory meeting of the workshop. The materials kit was further developed, and decisions on the organisation of the workshop were made. Responsibilities for each member of the team were set up. Now the team is looking forward to meeting the participants to the workshop, which will be held at the ECML premises in Graz in January 2005, hoping that the future participants will help the team to pilot and to develop the kit, as well as to disseminate plurilingualism and pluriculturalism among language teachers and language teacher educators.

June 2004: Second LEA Team meeting

The second LEA team meeting was held at the ECML on 25th-26th of June 2004. The main purposes of the meeting were:

  • to analyse and present the results of the piloted questionnaire that will be administered to teacher trainers attending the workshop, as well as to pre-service and in-service teachers. This questionnaire will be on the ECML web site soon.
  • to plan in detail the contents of the kit
  • to write a draft agenda for the workshop to be held in January 2005
  • to review the activities for the kit already prepared by the team members
  • to deliver the tasks to be done before the next team meeting in October 2004

After this second meeting, LEA team members consider that they are sailing safely on smooth waters thanks to their motivation for the project and thanks to the ECML support. Their hope is to arrive at the port successfully with the cooperation of the future participants in the LEA project.

January 2004: First LEA team meeting

The first LEA team meeting was held at the ECML on 16 - 17 of January 2004.

LEA stands for Language Educator Awareness and is one of the projects of the 2nd medium-term programme.

The main purposes of the meeting were:

  • to examine carefully the whole project description and to fix dates for 2005 and 2006
  • to establish the aims, in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes that the language teacher training materials kit should have
  • to present a draft of activities by each group member to be developed in the near future
  • to link the activities with the aims
  • to deliver tasks to be done before the next team meeting in June 2004

The LEA team set sail successfully because all the tasks proposed for the first meeting were accomplished. We hope that we'll reach our port of destination at the end of the project, having accomplished all the objectives designed by the team members together with the future participants in the LEA project.