Group Facilitation in Language Teacher Education

 "Develop effective communication and conflict resolution skills through
   groupwork activities."


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November 2006: Publication Meeting at the ECML

The aim of the two-day meeting was to finalise the structure of the publication. We came up with a list of content categories through which we can best communicate project outcomes to a wider professional public. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the medium of a CD Rom, we will be including video extracts of facilitation-in-action, short interviews, diary entries, and a variety of training activities in a thematically-linked format. We also sent a letter to the participants of the central workshop inviting them to contribute to the different sections of the publication. We are both looking forward to working on this publication and hope to produce a useful tool focusing on some of the key aspects of group facilitation in language teacher education.

Margit Szesztay & Rod Bolitho

April 2006: Workshop at the ECML

The central workshop of the GroupLead project took place on the 28.March-01.April in Graz, Austria. The five-day workshop turned out to be an exciting journey into the depths of group facilitation in language teacher education. The main themes covered were the following:

  • the benefits of learning in groups,
  • the dynamics of a learning group,
  • the qualities and skills of a facilitator,
  • the importance of active listening,
  • the intercultural dimension of groups,
  • questions and questioning,
  • the role of feedback,
  • challenging group situations,
  • awareness-raising activities.
Participants came from 22 countries and brought with them a real richness of backgrounds and perspectives on group facilitation. Through various work modes there was a lively exchange of ideas, as well as a gradual clarification of some of the related key terms and concepts. The final feedback shows that participants left with a clearer picture about the theory and practice of facilitation - as well as with commitment to take forward the work started in Graz!

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Workshop 3 / 2006

The workshop 3 / 2006 participants