To get to know each other leads to better
  mutual understanding

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June 2006: Gulliver closes its forum

Gulliver is bringing to a close its forum which over 20 classes have used as a means of exchanging experiences on intercultural topics over almost a 2 year period.

The holidays will be here soon…. There will perhaps be journeys to the countries pupils have learnt about through the forum and maybe even meetings between 'virtual' friends….

We hope that during the years to come those who have participated in the forum will not lose the desire to continue these online exchanges and that others will be tempted to try a similar type of work via a discussion forum.

We also hope that the CD-ROM to be produced, the fruit of our common efforts, will support teachers and pupils in taking up this form of work.

Best wishes!
The project team

Gulliver team, June 2006

February 2005: Gulliver project team meeting

The Gulliver project team - Magda, Geneviève, Zsuzsa, Irène, Jirina and Markus - held another useful and enjoyable two-day meeting at the ECML on 18 and 19 February 2005.

As a result, the following: will soon be available:

  • a restyled forum,
  • the possibility to consult the site without a password
  • a letter in the inbox of each of the colleagues taking part together with a questionnaire addressed to the pupils,
  • a proposal for a network for each language to stimulate better communication and prepare the real discussion between the pupils at the beginning of the school year!

Gulliver project - central workshop no. 2/2004 (To get to know each other leads to better mutual understanding)

The workshop took place on 16-19 June and brought together participants from 28 different countries.

The principal areas of debate were: the choice of subjects, the calendar and the organisation of the forum. Discussions on the working methods continued well beyond the walls of the ECML into the Graz restaurants! Results should already be seen after the summer break in a total of 33 language classrooms (5 for learning German, 12 for English, 11 for French and five for Spanish).

The good working atmosphere is encouraging - so that young Europeans from as far apart as from Iceland to Armenia and from Spain to Finland take up intercultural learning with a new approach, through real exchanges of their views via the forum.

February 2004: team meeting report

  • This project aims at developing intercultural competence via interactive means, using a network of Spanish, German, English and French language-learning classes which will be set up. Three main themes have been defined as the subject framework: the past (traditions, customs), the present (joys and fears) and the future (plans and dreams). The 33 ECML member states will be invited to send participants.
  • The coordination team is made up by Joachim, who treated us to a delicious Spanish ensaimada, Geneviève, who enchanted us with a French Livarot, Zsuzsa, who wooed us with Hungarian Tokay and Magda, the team leader, who seduced us with her Polish makowiec. The team of coordinators thus started its work by examining the subject of intercultural cooking
  • For the remainder of the two days (13-14 February) we prepared the central workshop with the 33 participants selected by the national authorities which will take place 16-19 June in Graz,.

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