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June/July 2006: team meeting in Graz

The project team met for the last time on 30 June and 1 July 2006 to decide on the form and content of the project’s final product, a booklet of some 50 pages and a CD or DVD.

The booklet will

  • introduce Project C6;
  • provide essential background to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the European Language Portfolio (ELP);
  • discuss the implications of the ELP for language education in general and language teacher education in particular;
  • describe the components of the kit of training materials that was piloted in the project’s central workshop in November 2004;
  • summarize the issues raised by the national training events that arose from the central workshop; and explain how the CD/DVD is intended to be used.

The CD/DVD will comprise:

  • a revised version of the kit of training materials;
  • supplementary materials developed by project team members;
  • reports on the national ELP training events and training materials and papers/reports on ELP implementation submitted by the organizers of national events;
  • and reference documents that are relevant to ELP-related teacher training.

the ELP_TT team in Graz, June 2006

National training events

The purpose of Project C6 is to support the implementation of the European Language Portfolio through teacher training initiatives. The project's central workshop, held in Graz in November 2004, piloted a number of ELP-related teacher training modules. Each module was composed of information input, groupwork activities and feedback sessions. The modules address the following themes:
  • the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and its levels
  • self-assessment
  • learning to learn
  • learner autonomy
  • language in the ELP
  • intercultural learning
  • the ELP, curricula and textbooks
  • assessment in relation to the ELP and the CEFR's levels
these pictures feature the National Training Event in Prague, June 6 2006

As a follow-up to the central workshop, ELP-related teacher training events have been held in ECML member states as follows. Reports are available on most of these events and may be accessed by clicking on the dates/locations

12-13 May,
1-2 June, Liechtenstein 13-14 June, Armenia 8-9 September, Norway 15-16 September, Sweden
23-24 September, Germany 6-7 October, Lithuania 27-28 October, Estonia 25-26 November, Latvia 12-14 November, Romania
10 February, France 16-17 March, Albania 17-18 May, Austria 6 June, Czech Republic 15-16 June,

February 2004: team meeting report

At its second planning meeting, held on 23 and 24 January 2004 in Graz, the project team identified the principal themes to be explored at the central workshop in November 2004:

  • the Common European Framework's descriptors of proficiency and competence;
  • self-assessment in relation to the common reference levels;
  • reflection on (i) learning how to learn and (ii) the intercultural dimension of language learning and use;
  • using the ELP with and without a textbook;
  • the ELP and school-based assessment.

The project team decided that in its structure and dynamic the workshop will seek to model the reflective processes that underlie effective ELP use. This will be supported by a document that mirrors the architecture of the ELP (passport, biography, dossier). Participants will begin with the "passport", taking stock of their situation and sketching a draft action plan for their follow-up event and/or project. At the end of each part of the programme they will be given guidelines for reflection, which will constitute the "biography" section. The "dossier" will comprise the various handouts and worksheets that support each phase of the workshop.