Intercultural competence for professional mobility






Coordination: Evelyne Glaser evelyne.glaser@jku.at

Evelyne Glaser , Manuela Guilherme, María del Carmen Méndez García, Terry Mughan, Intercultural competence for professional mobility , Strasbourg / Graz: Council of Europe / European Centre for Modern Languages, 2007, ISBN 978-92-871-6143-7, [book + CD-Rom].
Evelyne Glaser , Manuela Guilherme, María del Carmen Méndez García, Terry Mughan
, Compétence interculturelle pour le développement de la mobilité professionnelle , Strasbourg / Graz: Conseil de l'Europe / Centre européen pour les langues vivantes, 2007, ISBN 978-92-871-6142-0, [livre + CD-Rom].

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This publication reflects the outcomes of a project which brought together experts and practitioners in the field of intercultural competence for professional mobility and which focused on group-oriented (teamwork) intercultural communication and interaction competencies. The materials developed are primarily targeted at educators and facilitators working with graduates in the social sciences, human resource managers, intercultural trainers,coaches and mediators and foreign language teachers in higher education with a strong focus on intercultural awareness. More generally all those who are interested in the enhancement of intercultural competence may find it valuable to gain a deeper insight into the theoretical concepts underlying these materials. The final product resulting from this project combines a booklet and a CD-Rom. In the booklet the reader will find essential information on the ICOPROMO project and on the theoretical model developed within its framework.

In addition, the CD-Rom features:

  • a set of 18 training activities designed to develop the intercultural competence of multicultural teams;
  • a detailed analysis of a qualitative study on multicultural teams carried out in the 4 countries represented by the original project team (Austria, Germany, Portugal and Spain) and used to define the main elements of the model developed; and
  • an analysis of a survey on the topics of languages and cross-cultural training in 30 international businesses and organisations.


  • Evelyne Glaser
  • Manuela Guilherme
  • María del Carmen Méndez García
  • Terry Mughan

With support from:

  • Mike Byram
  • Duarte Silva
  • Anne Sofia Holmberg
  • Marisa María Luisa Pérez Cañado
  • Alexandra Kaar
  • Iris Fischlmayr
  • Olga Arcalá Campillo
  • Jelena Jefimova
  • Clara Keating
  • Daniel Hoppe
  • Marcus Abílio Pereira
  • Vivien Burrows