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User Guidelines
The Matrix can be used by a single person, or with others in a training course group.

This Matrix is a 4 dimensional core framework built around the core elements of CLIL: Content, Language, Integration and Learning. These four elements are realised through a set of four parameters: Culture, Communication, Cognition and Community. This results in a matrix array of 16 indicators. These indicators are the basis for ensuring quality CLIL in learning and teaching of both content and language.

How to work with the Matrix
Each indicator is shown as a coloured box. Clicking on the box leads to four navigation elements. The first is an introduction to the quality indicator. The second provides an example of how the indicator is applied in the classroom. The third invites the user to answer a set of questions so that they can position themselves with respect to CLIL expertise. The fourth provides extra information in a brief text which is accessed by passing the cursor over the respective box answered.

You can take your own route through the Matrix. However, it is important to answer the questions related to a specific indicator before moving on to the next.

When you have answered the indicator questions, you will see a 'water level' in the respective box. A low level indicates a possible area for development. A high level indicates that you are already aware of the significance of this indicator.

The 16 indicators have about 80 associated questions. When you have completed all of the questions you will see an overall picture of how you answered the questions in relation to all of the indicators.

If you want to know more about the significance of any of these boxes, just pass your cursor over the coloured box and an explanatory text will appear.

If you want to know more about CLIL practice, you will find links on the CLIL Matrix site to a range of CLIL portals. To complement the Matrix, and learn more about CLIL, you may wish to download expert observations on CLIL from 22 European countries (Windows on CLIL - Perspectives on Content and language Integrated Learning in Europe).

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